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Czar Bomb

Be prepared!

Type: Russian imperial Stout
Malts: Local and English Ale malt base with Patent dark malts and a variety of roasted malts
Hops: English Goldings and Fuggles
Serve at: 7-9°C
Alc vol: 9.6%
IBU’s: 70
Awards: Gold Medal – Australian International Beer Awards, 2017, Gold Medal – Australian International Beer Awards, 2016, Gold Medal – Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards, 2015

Tasting Note
The Czar Bomba or AN602 hydrogen bomb, the biggest nuclear weapon ever detonated, remains the most powerful artificial explosion in human history – that is until this stout was brewed.  As dark as a black hole and with a rich and complex aroma even more difficult to explain, Czar Bomb explodes on your palate with an intense richness full of complex roasted malt, fruit, alcohol and coffee nuances.
A smooth bittersweet finish lingers long in the mouth. Savour and enjoy.



Sunshine Brewery

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