Offshore IPL

Suited for any board in an offshore wind.

Type: India Pale Lager
Malts: Pilsner base, Crystal malt, Munich malt and 10% wheat.
Hops: Williamete, Citra and a few others
Serve at: 5-7°C
Alc vol: 6.4%
IBU’s: 40
Food Match: Very food friendly, try with curries, Thai and Mexican though it will work well with beef/lamb salad or stew finished with a red wine reduction. Also fried and salty dishes or anything with cooked tomatoes.
Available in: 500ml, Kegs

Tasting Note: We have been a lager house for 25 years and it is time now for lager to be given the full IPA treatment. This IPL is brewed to have you buzzing, much like a good swell with an offshore wind blowing. To retain lager lightness, some wheat was used in the malt base that we designed to give complex malt aromas. Lots of American hops provide a big and rounded bitterness with citrus and passionfruit aromatic overlays.
Worth dropping in for.


Sunshine Brewery

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