Powercut delivers without charging your batteries.

Type: Low Alcohol Mild Dark Ale
Malts: Pilsener, Vienna, Crystal
Hops: Horizon and a couple of others
Serve at: 6-8 °C
Alc/vol: 2.4%
IBU’s: 17

Tasting Note: There is only one power feed into Gisborne and it died the day of a brew. The brew got dumped after Richard proclaimed “there’s no alcohol in that” but the name Powercut was born for our low alcohol high flavour Mild Dark Ale. We built a big malt base that we mashed hotter to extract loads of flavour with less fermentable sugars. Then we whacked it with and Brewer’s  hops that have over delivered on warm red and blackberry flavours. Powercut has all the powerful flavour of a real beer.


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