Russian Imperial Stout Wood Aged

A mouthful of complexity.

Type: Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout
Malts: Local and English Ale malt base with Patent dark malts and a variety roasted malts for complexity
Hops: English Goldings and Fuggles
Serve at: 7-9 °C
Alc vol: 10%
IBU’s: 70

Tasting Note: Russian Imperial Stout could be called the world’s most imperial or prestigious beer. Brewed by the British for shipment in casks to the reigning monarchs of Russia, it had to be strong and well hopped to survive the trip.
This RIS is a classic, with a dense colour and intense richness from a multitude of roasted malts supported by riveting English hop bitterness. The wood ageing provides a tannin backbone and flavours that complement the roasted, alcoholic and spicy but smooth bittersweet finish. Savour and enjoy.

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