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Te Mex

Mexican Cowboy Lager

Type: Mexican Lager
Malts: NZ Pilsner, Locally Grown Maize
Hops: Riwaka and Pacific Jade
Serve at: 5-7 °C
Alc vol: 5%
IBU’s: 35

Tasting Note:
Te Mex is a crisp and aromatic lager, refreshing and quenching. A Mexican lager made the New Zealand way, with locally grown ingredients. The best two-row Pilsner Barley for a light malt background, 20% Gisborne grown maize for a bigger mouthfeel and fullness on the palate, and predominately Riwaka hops contributing Grapefruit and Citrus flavours and aromas. With a Te Mex in their hands all Mexican cowboys sing on a hot Friday night.


Sunshine Brewery

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