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The Cut Pilsner

The Cut Pilsner, more than just low alcohol

Type: Low Alcohol Pilsner
Malts: NZ Pilsner, Vienna and Rolled Oats
Hops: Galaxy and Citra
Serve at: 5°C
Alc vol: 2.4%
IBU’s: 25

Back in the day when they wanted to form Gisborne Port, the easy way was to cut the sandback and reroute the river, so they did. These days when you want a quenching and flavoursome beer but need to take it easy on the alcohol, you can just have The Cut. A fresh, quenching and flavour driven Pilsner, you will pick up citrus and floral notes on the nose which is followed by the clean crisp mouth feel found in our Pipeline Pilsner, just without the alcohol.


Sunshine Brewery

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