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Vienna Amber Lager

Treat yourself and experience the taste of tradition

Malts: Mainly Vienna and Munich but supported with a few others to add complexity and breadiness to the palate
Hops: Northern Brewer, Czech Saaz
Serve at: 5-7 °C
Alc vol: 5.5%
IBU’s: 18
Awards: Bronze Medal – Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards, 2015

Tasting Note: An amber style lager as popular as waltzing in Vienna during the 1800’s and like waltzing Vienna lager is renowned for its elegance, delicacy and balance. The style died out almost everywhere except Mexico until the expanding American craft beer industry revitalised this beer into a hit. Our style balances the sweetness of Vienna and dark Munich malts with the full flavour of Bavarian Noble hops. It has a soft creamy mouthfeel and a lively but gentle carbonation, finishing with a touch of dryness. This is the quintessential amber lager.


Sunshine Brewery

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